cocktail hour … day … week

Ok, so there are 2 reasons why I’ve waited until today to tell you that it’s London Cocktail Week this week (till Sunday 14th October):

  1. I’ve got a cold, can’t taste a thing and haven’t been able to leave the house and I just couldn’t bear the thought of you all having fun without me; and
  2. I really don’t approve of drinking on a school night.

But now I feel bad.  So in addition to telling you that they have loads of cool mixology events (including free tasting sessions, and £4 cocktails at selected bars around town if you pick up a wristband in Covent Garden – see the calendar here), I’m also going to tell you that you can get a free 2 month trial of the Taste London card (which gives you 2-4-1, 50% off and other offers at tons of restaurants) via this link,

Am I forgiven?


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