Prima Christina

Christina Rinaldi is one of those beautifully cool creative types that, had I met her when I was younger, I probably would have found her pretty intimidating.

As it is, when you reach your mid 30s and kind of settle down with yourself a little, you realise that most of those cool, smart, funny, successful girls that you were scared of … well, turns out they were a bit scared of you too.    So that whole period of angst, insecurity and bravado throughout your 20s…?  Just a big ol’ misunderstanding, girls.  Phew!  Glad we worked that one out so quickly.

So, Christina is a former colleague of mine.  She is warm, funny, sassy and big-hearted.  She gives great compliments on outfits (and means them; and has great style, so they count for double).  She knows where to find the best Tom Collins(es) in New York and she’ll laugh square in your face when you’re surprised that your lobster roll is served cold.

Floral Manicure by Christina Rinaldi for the Jewelry Designer Angie Marei of Diaboli Kill Ring

Christina is the perfect example of how to go it alone.  She has the vision and the confidence that she’ll figure it out as she goes.  She’s not afraid of making mistakes and she has a work ethic that puts me to shame.  All of which is why she is well on her way to establishing a successful business for herself, whilst I’m still writing about it!

In addition to being a sought-after creative director, Christina is a phenomenal nail artist and has just launched her own range of nail polish in collaboration with The New Black, retailing at Sephora stateside.

Prepare to have nail envy…

One of Christina’s nail polish sets for The New Black


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